Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Just Finished working on promotion work for a script called 'Silence'
written by Mehul Desai. the same writter of 'Evacuation' and 'The Drive' those two ive been given work which is still going on.
This work done for 'Silence' is part of a presentation pitch Mehul is going to be putting on this week at a BAFTA event. its prity exciting stuff. the script is awesome. hes got other artists working on the project as well so i think he'll have a wicked pitch with having different work presenting differnt scenes.
this has also managed to cath some media attention and some of the work has been shown to a journalist so possibly the work may be used on a local news reprt. fingers crossed.
i managed to produce 3 scenes for it. i was hoping to have four done for him but i ran out of time to do the last one. Anyway i had fun visualising for this. it was asked that they be in colour. another useful exersie for me . something that i'm not too used to let alone comfortable with. i think i managed it fairly well. driven me to think more with colour! cracking on with the other projects straight away!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Eggs in a basket!

Just recently managed to get some work for a new director. Mehul Desai hes a fairly new director but hes already won quite a few awards for films hes written and directed himself.
heres a link to his bio :

hes sent me a few of his scripts, his writting is prity awesome. nice twists and turns and quite sci fi so they're double the fun to visualize!
so far we've been exchanging ideas and he's looked at a few rough sketches but so far from what little ive sent him we seem to be on the right track with each other!
one of the scripts hes had me working on is called 'Evacuation' its got a great storyline. just from reading it i got a little lost in the imagery i thought up. think thats a good sign of a good script!
heres a little silouette sketch of one character feathured in his script.
not going to say anything about it. dont think i have the right to. so stay tuned there may be more clues to the scriopt creeping in if i'm allowed!

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Tonight i watched 'There Will Be Blood' wicked film. very intense and shows a build up of madness and greed very well. alot like the shineing! whilst watching it i sketched this up. roughly 10 minute job. i loved the character of daniel very unpredictable and on the edge sort of guy. definatly watch it if you get chance anyway. there you go

Brain Melt

Last night i had abit of a doode session.
doodled some dead birds and a quick stil take of the intro sequence to the dark knight.
the whole cinematography of that film was intense very inspirational

stuck in a rut with some of my ideas so this helps alot to work things and chill out the brain out i. MUST DOODLE MORE!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mr pan : updated

just abit of progressive work.
from a previous post you might recognise this picture. just improving this old thing adding in some parts making it abit more of a professional job.
trying to put to more meaning to pete in it and make it look alot smoother
keep tuned it shall be updated