Tuesday, 30 December 2008

just a quick half an hour warm up last night.
work is finally begining, plans and half made anvases and wooden borads waiting for a lick of paint. really cant wait to get some ideas down properly and slap them up on a wall!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Public Transport Inspiration

Riding public transport is possibly the best time to draw, i have no idea why but the drawings and ideas seem to work out nicely. plus you manage to overcome the constant movement. although if my desk was moving at home and people where looking over my shoulder id hate it. ...strange.
ahw ell i came up with this little study page. ive decided wether i manage to get some form of input in any way into comics, i'm at least going to push to create my opwn graphic novel. typicaly of any comic wana be it would be beyond a dream to create my own Joker comic, i have ideas and characters of my own but the Joker is suhc a character that has been reinveneted and reinterpreted by many, id love to put my own recipe into that soup for sure!
either way ive been sketching him up alot well my own interpretations,
yes i know its quite a popular subject at the moment with the Dark Knights amzing film out but ive wanted to do him, heres a few roughs of him, cant help the influence!
i do apologise for the photo, abit naff!