Tuesday, 30 December 2008

just a quick half an hour warm up last night.
work is finally begining, plans and half made anvases and wooden borads waiting for a lick of paint. really cant wait to get some ideas down properly and slap them up on a wall!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Public Transport Inspiration

Riding public transport is possibly the best time to draw, i have no idea why but the drawings and ideas seem to work out nicely. plus you manage to overcome the constant movement. although if my desk was moving at home and people where looking over my shoulder id hate it. ...strange.
ahw ell i came up with this little study page. ive decided wether i manage to get some form of input in any way into comics, i'm at least going to push to create my opwn graphic novel. typicaly of any comic wana be it would be beyond a dream to create my own Joker comic, i have ideas and characters of my own but the Joker is suhc a character that has been reinveneted and reinterpreted by many, id love to put my own recipe into that soup for sure!
either way ive been sketching him up alot well my own interpretations,
yes i know its quite a popular subject at the moment with the Dark Knights amzing film out but ive wanted to do him, heres a few roughs of him, cant help the influence!
i do apologise for the photo, abit naff!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Big fat slice

after weeks of leaving and returning to this piece i just decided to have a bit of a careless session with it. precious brush strokes followed my patience and went right out of the window. i kind of like it though. it was good to be abit more free. i think my essay woes came running out i'm going to try more. i think this method has a good potential for moevemnt pieces which is something i'm interested in. trying to capture a movemnt of something. something that flows. plus this way of painting gave me a big fat fresh slice of excitemnt to paint again!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

'The Drive' : finals......hmmmm

again at the same time as the work for 'Evacuation' i had anothe script from Mehul called ' The Drive' another great story with a good twist. but this took somewhat of a back seat to evacuation. i had more planned again but just lack of time on my part prevented me.
but like i said bfore i'm hoping to re do the pieces and the ones i didnt have chance to for my portfolio.
i like the on with the angle from the back of the blood drenched guy on these but i think the girl spoils it. completely ruins the look. she either shouldnt be in it or at a batter angle.
but then it is about learning as you go on so. better planning next time!

Evacuation: almost finals.

finaly ive had chance to upolad these onto my blog. this heres is the finals of the Script i was given by Mehul Desai.
some great work. my only regret is my management of time. i had some great ideas and to me the ideas i had where nicer looking in my head! plus there was so much more i wanted to do but with uni work, dissertation and this on at the same time so i was abit stuck. i think i'll re do the work for portfolio purposes. and send MEhul some of the pieces i didnt manage to flesh out.

as you can see from the work some pieces wernt finished or didnt look too write. but all in all i loved working on this. Mehul has some great ideas that wehere great fun to flesh out.
as you'l see as well we had some drastic changes in the design for the alien. my idea was to make him quite stocky and clumbsy looking. but mehul wanted him quite lanky and tall. which was the final idea. i think its great to see two peoples different take on the one idea!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Back to Basics

Finally ive taken my hand seriously back to painting. i'm spillingw ith ideas now. so fueled and desireing to get back to painting witha willingness to learn more!
cant wait.
i started a piece around two weeks ago. its been abit slow progress with having a storyboard job that had to be completed and with dissertation and uni
work itself it's been hard to stay commited soley to one thing. but now that since yesterday i finished the storyboard work. i'm back to full speed university mind. although the painting with have to still remain in a sort of side seat while i still have dissertation work to get along with. attached here is a recently updated image of current project. its simply a life piece but its whole reason for being is getting me used to painting and settle in and its been making my brain matter jiggle with things i could do with other things!
another piece is being dreamed up. of a simular style hopefully i should have that penciled and started tommorow!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Eye to Hand

this here is a quick sketch i did in a uni meeting. paying full attention of course. just random people from aroudn the room. the bottom left guy is one of our tutors michael wright. he's one of the most amazing people ive ever met. his mind wonders and notices things alot of people wouldnt ever consider unless they had a gun to their head. wed still miss things that he notices under that pressure! complete luckand pleasure to work with this guy.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Class of Life

had a wicked Life drawing session last night. Gerald the usual model was there but another model was double booked so we had a bonus model. working with two models is alot more interesting than working with just one. especially of they know each other quite well. there was alot of energy and good relaxed feel to the session which is quite key for the people working from the models. i had to work from one model a few years back an dhe was moody and prity awful at keeping still which i think are key things to avoid in a life model!
anyway heres a few studies i did. i can tell working more and more with a model and drawing in every inch of spare time makes all the difference in drawing skill.

P.S on the top studie apologies. just as i finished painting i spilt a lid of ink on the piece. i was less than pleased with myself.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sole Survivor

This heres a quick piece i did today. based on a song i really like. about a fellow awakening in a plane crash.
quick painted it with ink then touched it up abit in photoshop.
kinda like it some things are abit wrong but hey how quick and nasty.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Just Finished working on promotion work for a script called 'Silence'
written by Mehul Desai. the same writter of 'Evacuation' and 'The Drive' those two ive been given work which is still going on.
This work done for 'Silence' is part of a presentation pitch Mehul is going to be putting on this week at a BAFTA event. its prity exciting stuff. the script is awesome. hes got other artists working on the project as well so i think he'll have a wicked pitch with having different work presenting differnt scenes.
this has also managed to cath some media attention and some of the work has been shown to a journalist so possibly the work may be used on a local news reprt. fingers crossed.
i managed to produce 3 scenes for it. i was hoping to have four done for him but i ran out of time to do the last one. Anyway i had fun visualising for this. it was asked that they be in colour. another useful exersie for me . something that i'm not too used to let alone comfortable with. i think i managed it fairly well. driven me to think more with colour! cracking on with the other projects straight away!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Eggs in a basket!

Just recently managed to get some work for a new director. Mehul Desai hes a fairly new director but hes already won quite a few awards for films hes written and directed himself.
heres a link to his bio :

hes sent me a few of his scripts, his writting is prity awesome. nice twists and turns and quite sci fi so they're double the fun to visualize!
so far we've been exchanging ideas and he's looked at a few rough sketches but so far from what little ive sent him we seem to be on the right track with each other!
one of the scripts hes had me working on is called 'Evacuation' its got a great storyline. just from reading it i got a little lost in the imagery i thought up. think thats a good sign of a good script!
heres a little silouette sketch of one character feathured in his script.
not going to say anything about it. dont think i have the right to. so stay tuned there may be more clues to the scriopt creeping in if i'm allowed!

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Tonight i watched 'There Will Be Blood' wicked film. very intense and shows a build up of madness and greed very well. alot like the shineing! whilst watching it i sketched this up. roughly 10 minute job. i loved the character of daniel very unpredictable and on the edge sort of guy. definatly watch it if you get chance anyway. there you go

Brain Melt

Last night i had abit of a doode session.
doodled some dead birds and a quick stil take of the intro sequence to the dark knight.
the whole cinematography of that film was intense very inspirational

stuck in a rut with some of my ideas so this helps alot to work things and chill out the brain out i. MUST DOODLE MORE!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mr pan : updated

just abit of progressive work.
from a previous post you might recognise this picture. just improving this old thing adding in some parts making it abit more of a professional job.
trying to put to more meaning to pete in it and make it look alot smoother
keep tuned it shall be updated

Sunday, 24 August 2008


playe around with the babyface image a little more. i like it but i have a fear that i'm too influenced by the joker face or that it just looks abit too close. it isnt at all influenced by it. i wanted to make an image that has a uncomfortableness about it. a face that has lips that look so uncomfortable and sore. hmmm
back to the drawing board perhaps?

Saturday, 23 August 2008


quick show of a piece i'm having fun playing with. origianly it started as a mix of photos. since then its changed and morphed and become a whole drawing. theres pictures under the marks somewhere!
i like working on these. so far my plan for tomorow is to work on this and some other pieces i've got buzzing around the noodles.
i need to start think of work i want to get sorted for portfolios. that harsh fact is kicking in fast. bah
should have some work and progress up tomorow. ive been abit off it as i had a little trip out of the uk and working and yes i'll admit it... abit of a laps....no more!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Miss Trinder

just had a good long sketch session on this. i love it when those moments take hold where nothing else is going on bt you and the scribble!
this here is Laura Trinder. you can find a link to her work on the top right of this page. she has a wicked paint style. and great photography. go have a check.

More on the catch up

abit of a play around with the last sketch. i'll upload the other birthday pics soon. too too sure of them yet.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Catch up

well lately i've been a slave to a plain old job working waiting in a restraunt. so have hardly been sketching as much as i should have. then i remebered i had a few birthday presenst i owed a few peopel so i started working on them abit.
hers the begining of one. roughy about half an hours work in this one. so far its going well. i've started braveing up to working into my doodles abit more with photoshop.
more to come.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Test 1

heres 'Test 1' ....name dosnt mean much but its all because ive had abit of a brain storm tonight. this may well be the first fully fledged idea ive pumped out for my Final year project.its abit early but its better than no idea. this is just a quick play with a 2nd year piece (see my end of year show post)
but its one possible for a series of big paintings.....i mean big!
stay tuned. if this brain storm lives through the night there may well be more of this.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Black Feet Pete

This piece here is another brithday piece fro another friend of mine. Black Feet Pete the pirate.
hes one o the most imaginative and creative people ive met. hes a all round nice guy too!
so here it is
hope he dosnt see it before he gets sent t in the post.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Kuma: quick shadows

yesterday had a re work of my old Kuma sketch adding some shadows. this was a super quick attempt around 20 mins work on this.

Mr Catteral

finaly i can upload this image of my friend reece. its a represntation i did of him trying to symbolize his lif and interests. i did it for his birthday. i'm quite happy with it. it dodnt tale too long to do.

Monday, 30 June 2008

To the old man!

today we celebrate the birth of my one good father!
here he is on a weekend ride of his bike.
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Miss Trinder and I

this here is a drawing i did for my friend laura on her birthday.
based on a comic called 'Calvin and Hobbes'

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Scenes of the dead sea

only just realised i hadnt put up the Finished storyboard work i had done previously for bernhard.
i was quite happy with the outcome
the work was finally done with colour. which was quite a leap for me as i more often work in just black and white or shades of grey.
so heres three scenes from the short storyboard i did. hopefully the sailors will apreciate it more!

The One Man Band

Recently been working on a new project for Bernhard. its a music video where ...basicly its a one man band. but phyisicly a one man band.
it was fun to do. racked my brain trying to figure out where to put arms and which ones should be playing what.
it was really good fun though.

Sunday, 1 June 2008


been storming away with work lately and i'm loving it.
i like to be busy with work. and luckily its qite a few differnt things.
one project in particular is one with Bernhard at the moment. were working on a 30 second animation for a corprate logo.
weve been allowed some freedome with this so its ben fun to work on.
so far ive done some rough work to plan the sketches in black and white. i sent them off to bernard for feedback. then when they have the go ahead ive redoen them in colour. heres a sneeky peek of one scene.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Shadow man

This morning began witha couple of warm up sketches. one being a scene fromthe filme The Dark Knight and it being the joker.....who would have guessed?
and the second is from the film munich. and amazing film.
the purpose of the joker one is i'm practicing drawing this joker for a short comic strip i want to draw revolving around him. and the muich sketch was because of its strong shadow. i like drawing highy shadowy scenes as it gives an amazing and dramaic look and i just genrally like it.