Monday, 11 May 2009

Subject Matter

Also Just a glipse at the research back up for my uni work. as a part of showing the reason for both the style and content origins of my work. ive decided to storyboard the story behind the subject matter.
hers a glimpse at the first scene. pritty basic black and white. fun though!

Gloss over

Work on the painting series finaly has a light at the end of the tunnel. the work is coming to a finish and so the final step of Varnishing has come about. i want to varnish these as much as i can so that they have a watery or almost glassy look to them. its abit of a first for me to varnish my work. i tried it out on a smaller piece last week and have given it a good few thick coats of gloss varnish. to be honest it made me feel alot better about the final pieces.
heres a sneeky peek of one of the finals just after a first coat.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

One Of Them!

Well the week or so just gone has been a strange one, worked heavy for the most of it, during the day working on uni work the going home and working on the concept work. and abit of the uni work here and there. all in all when i look back on it it feels like nothing has been done! one of those weeks! so far the paintings have taken on quite abit of progress. they about a good few days decent work off from being finished but i'm taking my sweet time with these babies so it takes what it takes. having alot of fun working on them. definatly confirmed for myself i want to carry on painting even through to professional work.
Bit of a cool update with teh graphic Novel 'Dream solver', i Met with the Writer Luke Foster on the weekend. it was really great to finally meet the guy in person. we talked for ages about the graphic novel, all the which ways its going and could go. really exciting stuff. made me realise alot of angles and things i hadnt even thought of for the novel. its all good though made me double excited, we should be actually starting that around mid July hopefully. so stay tuned for work on that.
Meanwhile the Warhouse project is going swell. most of the work ive done this week was little short of BAD....but i'm optimistic after some of todays work, ive attached a segment of the character design i was working on today. fun stuff. hopefully should have more stuff through the week.