Thursday, 24 April 2008

Human Assembly

finally Bernhard pucher's film Human Assembly has just announced that they've made a wrap of the filiming and its now gone into post production for editing and all the things that entail in that stage.
he recently posted up videos and photos of the set designers working on the main body of the set. from what you can see i think it looks amazing. very retro sci fi!
i cant wait to see the final film i'm very proud to have been part of it.
if you havnt yet, Check out the website

or try the link in the top right of my page here
it has some of my concept work for it on there and the videos of the propmaking and set building are there in the diary section.

big thanks out to Bernhard for the job on this hope to work more with him in the future!

p.s tell anyone and everyone about the film!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ugly Skull

working like a well oil steam boat at the moment. ive been working on three paintings plus managed to finish a portrait last week and had then topped it of with a positive group crit of said piece so its been going well.
the portrait i started id been fighting with for sometime. id worked on it against my will last week just to try and make something out of it and see where it would take itself. then came around my group crit in uni so i took it along feeling it was half finished. half expecting abit of a down grade from fellow students on handing in something half done and fairly differnt from my usual work. they gave me really positive stuff and told me to leave it be.
so happy with the style and path i was going down ive tried out a few more works like it and one of them has even amanged to make its way onto the masive canvass ive had dooming over me in the studio. so far its going well!. have to say thanks to my housemate Dom for talking and bigging up me get started on the big piece!anyway heres the finished portrati and the two i'm working on right now.

Friday, 11 April 2008


Just got back from our opening night of our charity Exhibition held at our university. its pulled togtehre really nicely. mainly put together by us students. it has such a mix of diffenet personalities and feelings displayed in it. theres definatly alot of talent in our year i think. i managed to get two out of the three paintings id planned for the exhibition done in time. but thats no problem the two i put up where good enough for me. i havnt displayed my work in an exhibition sort of fashion in over a year so it was quite fun to do it again and this stime more involved in doing the outcome. id love to hold more. if anyone of you hang around the hatfiled areas or general london and fancy a free look at our work be sure to check it out this following week and weekend all the work is on sale if we can tempt you!

Monday, 7 April 2008

view of it all

heres a quick thing i did in abit of a break from painting. just a quick multi angled idea of my home workspace.
messy i know bit its organised chaos...........


Trying to battlw with this painting quickly in time for the exhibition i'm in for next week. so far its like the portrait i'm working on. constantly up and down feelings for it.
i need to strat playing with new colours and wider ranges. hmmmmm

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Heres a little update on the portrait painting ive ben working on. this has so far started off quite a rollercoaster of emotions! i feel like a real artist with this minute i'm loving it. next minute i want to paintover it and start again but then im making myself work on it until it shapes and forms the way i want it to.
so far its going swell and its taking it own direction rather than the orginal plan for how it was meant to look. but i think its a good thing for sure!

Sah Star

just this minute finished the picture of sah.
it a prity quick done skecth and colour on photoshop. i need to start working with grades of shadow more maybe. and definatly anatomy.
hmmm the work continues!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Loosey goosey

just abit of a warm up. and because my good friend sah has been asking me for quite sometime to do her a picture. so i'm working on this.
no where near finsihed but i'm loving working on it in spare time

Big nor small

been hitting back with paint with a vengance. begun another painting yesterday. this one ive been fighting and playing around with quite alot buts shaping up i guess. i'll keep this updated with the changes no matter how big nor small!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Back to Basics

went back to what i prefer and started a painting this morning. very early stages. i prefer painting but digitaly painting you cant beat the quickness. rather than waiting for the paint to settle and dry you can work over and over without worry or disturbing your last mark.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Add ons

heres a few mroe form the corporate event plan i recently did.
should be going straight onto uni work and paintings so i'll have some process work from that up soon.

Quick time

well its been an exciting past few days for me. i was expecting to get back to my uni with just the intention of doing work for uni but i was detoured by an opurtunity that was handed to me. through the work id produced for Bernhard on human assembly and interested party got in touch with me asking for me to do some work for them. at the moment not passing down reallyany offer that comes my way i took the job. this is kind of scary as well because its to be my first paid job as a freelance artist. set to my price for my time and style etc....
the company ive just done the work for is of a coporate company that deals with advertisement and arangement of team building events and general advertisemnt of most thing plus they do video work and short documentrys. anyway i went to a meeting in london on monday to see what they wanted of me. basicly they organising another event. only they wanted illustraitions to go with they plan of the day. sort of givig a pictorial idea with adiscription of whats going to happen. also this will be given out to the team working on the event day. (a visual aid if you will).
anyway from Monday i had until wensday to produce the work.
it was abit of a tight squeeze and i worked til the late hours but it came out quite well. the pictures themselves are quite quick drawings usualy each took an hour or at the least half an hour. heres a fw of the best i think.