Monday, 21 April 2008

Ugly Skull

working like a well oil steam boat at the moment. ive been working on three paintings plus managed to finish a portrait last week and had then topped it of with a positive group crit of said piece so its been going well.
the portrait i started id been fighting with for sometime. id worked on it against my will last week just to try and make something out of it and see where it would take itself. then came around my group crit in uni so i took it along feeling it was half finished. half expecting abit of a down grade from fellow students on handing in something half done and fairly differnt from my usual work. they gave me really positive stuff and told me to leave it be.
so happy with the style and path i was going down ive tried out a few more works like it and one of them has even amanged to make its way onto the masive canvass ive had dooming over me in the studio. so far its going well!. have to say thanks to my housemate Dom for talking and bigging up me get started on the big piece!anyway heres the finished portrati and the two i'm working on right now.