Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Quick time

well its been an exciting past few days for me. i was expecting to get back to my uni with just the intention of doing work for uni but i was detoured by an opurtunity that was handed to me. through the work id produced for Bernhard on human assembly and interested party got in touch with me asking for me to do some work for them. at the moment not passing down reallyany offer that comes my way i took the job. this is kind of scary as well because its to be my first paid job as a freelance artist. set to my price for my time and style etc....
the company ive just done the work for is of a coporate company that deals with advertisement and arangement of team building events and general advertisemnt of most thing plus they do video work and short documentrys. anyway i went to a meeting in london on monday to see what they wanted of me. basicly they organising another event. only they wanted illustraitions to go with they plan of the day. sort of givig a pictorial idea with adiscription of whats going to happen. also this will be given out to the team working on the event day. (a visual aid if you will).
anyway from Monday i had until wensday to produce the work.
it was abit of a tight squeeze and i worked til the late hours but it came out quite well. the pictures themselves are quite quick drawings usualy each took an hour or at the least half an hour. heres a fw of the best i think.