Monday, 23 November 2009

Dream Solver: Prieview up......Finally!!

Just posted up the 7 page preview up on the Dream Solver Blog!

damn hapy with it but already i see things i want to change....i knwo i know but i'm happy remembering that this IS my first comic and things wont turn out the beststraight away, i'm no Dave Gibbons thats for sure but i damn well wanna be! keeping that faith train going and the work load high!
more to come with Dream Solver thats for damn sure!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Thursday, 29 October 2009

What!? ....

I know....i know.....whay isnt it up yet? why havnt you finished!?
well i say to you...if any one is questioning the whereabouts of the preview i promised. well ive been abit delayed. rest assured every waking hour is going into these babies. but my slow process and so far near constant re draw of the pannels has kept me back abit!
very soon i promise. then i can feel safe with my self and get back to the rest of the book! to be sure me and Luke have been nit picking at the preview so far and id say were feeling its looking good. as always i'm unsure about my won work but its my first go and i'm putting myself into it so i let you be the judge....stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile. took a trip last weekend to the London excel MCM convention. damn it was intense. a convention of a differernt kind to the likes of the BICS. so much cosplay madness and full of the latest games and film previews. it was fun for sure. checked out with envy at some of the comic villae stalls. goddamn ive set myself a newshpere of influence now a high standard to try and step up to for sure.
anyway back to my work!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dream Solver: Visual Splendor on the horizon!

On Some other Exciting News! asme an Luke Will both be sneaking around the London MCM convention in london next week we've decided to put up a preview of our coming 'Dream Solver' Novel. it should be up in time for the convention next week providing i don't go insane by the middle of next week! so be sure to fly by the Dream Solver Blog if you haven't already but most importantly go there when we have the preview up to see what kind of visual splendor we have in store!
Meanwhile i thought id share a sneaky peek at one of the panels to come with this preview....

Insomnia available on PSP!

Well Just about the Most Exciting thing has gone and happened at The Publishers of Dream Solver. I'll Let the following post from insomnia explain it all!

In the blackest hours before dawn, when all good comic readers were tucked up in bed, the Insomniacs crawled into their dreams.

What were they whispering into the darkness? What did they wish for, lost in the sleep of the innocent?

No less than:
  • To be able read Insomnia comics anywhere, at any time
  • Take their entire comics collections wherever they went
  • To listen to their own music while reading
  • To navigate pages their own way
  • To find and buy comics easily and access content instantly from the PlayStation®Store

All this will be on offer for PSP owners in December 2009, with the opening of the Digital Comics Store on the PlayStation®Network.

Red Eyed and bushy tailed, Insomnia Publications will be standing proud on launch day as our critically acclaimed books take their place on the virtual shelves, next to world famous names in comic book publishing.

Insomnia Publications’ graphic novels will be presented in the store as single-issue length chapters, following the publication of the book. The first chapter of every book will be offered free to readers as a “taster” of the story.

Crawford Coutts, Managing Director of Insomnia Publications, says:

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Sony in the launch of the Digital Comics Service.

Insomnia is committed to nurturing the very best new art, new writing and new concepts in its original graphic novels and the unprecedented scope of this Comics Store will connect independent publishers and readers around the globe.

The help and guidance we have received from Sony throughout truly demonstrates their commitment to support the medium, the publishers, the readers and the comics industry itself.

Many of our creators are gamers themselves and so were delighted to hear that their work will be offered through PlayStation Network.

Along with all of the Insomnia graphic Novels that are out right now such as 'Cancertown', 'Buskers' and most recently 'Burke and Hare' 'Dream solver' Will most defiantly be part of this, so any curious users of the PSP will be able to download the whole novel and take it anywhere!....i would!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Off To Never Never Land....

Dream Solver will be pushing itself out there and in your faces from now on...hopefully. Myslef and luke have got the Dream Solver Blog up and ready to go.
Firstly we start with our leaflets. earlier on i posted a plan for our promotional flyers and here as you should see above is the finsied piece. we printed a load of these off so we can give out some awareness of what were doing and bring attention to ourselves! so if you make it to the BICS this weekend be sure to pick one up and have our first printed work! not much i know but its all your getting just now.
The Dream solver Blog has been kicked of by Luke giving a nice little intro and qucik fire fact on the coming story lines and characters. this post has come with some new quick character sketches, they have more of the appearence of the actual comic rather than my previous photoshop sketches id shown before, i think it shows how i'm working with it and how i'm trying to get to grips with inking and colouring!
anyway enough of me. go to Blog! get some reading done and i'll have a post up of my visit to the BICS convention as soon as i get back!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Dream Solver Blog!

Well the Bics is coming up. still going at the panels and our promotion material is being pulled together. as part of our promotion and for anyone interested in following our progress and abit of behind the scenes of the comic, Myself and Luke have set up a blog dedicated towards the Dream solver novel. We will be updating with the likes of origins of our work where we've been influenced along the lines of creation, any news updates and General Progress of the novel. it should be right up the street for anyone wanting to know how we go about putting together a novel like this and how we ourselves are learning as we go!
Luke will be kicking off the Blog with an introduction post very soon. so stay tuned on that.also an easy link will be inserted into the top right of this blog and you can easily link between my blog the Dream Solver Blog and the Insomnia news blog! Keep an eye out!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ink Practice

Quick ink practice on one of the pannels. prity messy but to be fair hasnt had a clean up yet.
hopefully some sign of improvment will show soon.....?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Promotion and Looming Events!

Well back from holiday. recharged and ready to go. began again with the pannels of dream solver. abit slow to start off but hopefully going to pick up the pace and get back on track.
Also The BICS Comic con is a mere two weeks away and counting so trying to get some head way on some promotional work to hand out. as i mentioned before i should be doing some sketches on the Insomnia table, Both me and Luke will be there talking. meeting fellow creaters and anyone who has an interest in what we're doing so i'll have my best english voice on! so far as promotion to take along we'll have some flyers possibly looking like the mock up attached (yet to be inked and coloured). the image is an actual pannel from the Dream Solver novel a very significant pannel...but i'll say nay more on that. anyway should have some pannel updates throughout the week. until then.....

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well Finally got chance to get an update. Proof i am working!
Plugging away at the panels for Dreamsolver. so far ive been working mostly in pencil. i should really be using blue to get a better scan but i cant help it right now i need to be in my comfort zone!
havnt worked as quickly as i would have hoped recently as a pooch's attention was constantly needingto be fulfilled otherwise i got dirty looks! otherwiseworking late into the night to make some for of progress on the panels! the first few panels are having alot of detail at the moement so theyve taken a big chunk of time to make a mark on. the featured piece is a scetion of one panel. so you can see where i'm coming from. the rest of teh comic wont be all too detailed not as much as this....maybe. not too sure i dont think i will until i get this first chapetr in the bag and see how my work methods need changing and what not.
anyway. being the slacker i am i'm finnaly taking a little holiday for a week. but it will be full steam ahead once i return! Adure

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dreams and a pooch

Currently working away at the Dream Solver Comic, Started on the Real Pannels now, about 95% of the planning for the pannels is completed now aiming to have all the planning done by this weekend. currently doing some dog sitting so i'm working in a make shift drawing area at the moment with an attention grabbing pooch! so its been harder than usual to get my head down to the work but still there should be no room for excuses so i'll say nay more on that.
My current situation has found me out of reach of my scanner so visual updates will be a tad bit sparse but i'll get some evidence up here soon.

To Be Continued.....

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dream Solver: Ink and Play

Still plugging away at the layouts. having som much fun with this comic stuff. i think i may have found my calling in the art realms! still trying to get to grips with the inking and colouring. but much play and experimenting is prooving to be a good thing to do!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Warhouse: New Scenareio

Ben Read has posted one of the latest pictures from the warhouse set.
its looking nice.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dreamsolver: Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs!

During the trip to Warhouse ive still been working on the thumbnail layouts of the whole comic. its going swell.
Heres another. not too much but its something!
Insomnia have given us a promo on thier page with my previous glimpse at the main characters and another rough story outline so if you want to refresh on a little of the outline by all means. some awesome work on other comics being shown on there too! feels good to be part of it all. oh also Myself and Luke Foster (writer of Dream solver) will be at the BICS (Britiah International Comics show) convention this year with Insomnia and other writers and artists putting out wrok with them. promoting our works and doing some sketchings, its looking like its going to be awesome. a personal favorite of mine Sean Phillips will be there so i'm taking along some Incognito stuff to get signed.....and beg for advice!

Warhouse: quick trip!

Again i found myself at the warhouse for a day trip, watching the visions unfold and the drawings come to life. Ben Read the Writer/Producer and me had a childish giggle and MAN hug at the great James Faulkner taking on the role of the 'the King Below'He Looked exactly as we had imagined and how i had drawn him, Mr Falkner brought a booming voice and pressence to the role so i cant wait to see how it turns out with the final piece.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dream Solver: Jacob Revison

Weve had abit of a revison of The Jacob chracter from Dream solver. heres a more recent profile sketch of him, just more fuller in the face and more of an unkept appearence. an all round good egg still.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Dream solver: Panel life

Dream Solver thumbnails for working out layouts of the panels are well underway!
having plenty of fun.
heres a little sneaky peek at one prity significant panel.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Warhouse: Another peek

Damn still running abit short on my time so again just a quick shot from the Warhouse film that directer Luke Massey sent me!
its looking a tad bit awesome if i do say so myself. going back on set for a quick visit with Laura on monday so hopefully i'll get to see some more work done!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dream Solver: Main Characters

Introducing! the main chracters of the Graphic Novel i'm currently working on with Luke Foster.
'Dream solver'
Me and Luke had a good meeting today. going through the script, panels and all that jazz! the script is made me happy to be part of this! from just the first chapter the story is alot of fun and some good old detective work in there!
currently planning layouts and scenes. keep a sharp eye some panels or sketches may be leaked on here if i'm allowed.
meanwhil i leave you with the chracter concepts of 3 of the main chracters. from left to right. Ione-Rose Young, Jacob Young, Dannielle Carter.

I will have some coverage from my 'Warhouse' Set visit. it was amazing and theres so much to tell! meanwhile check out Director Luke Massey's Blog he's got a few things up there already!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Warhouse: On Set ,Day 2

This update is set to day two where as i am actually going through day 6 of my being on the set.
To say the least it has been beyond great to be here. straight to work with everything. the inevitable string of delay on the first day but still....its all good. for me the highlight is to see the creatures Ben, Luke, Myself and Gayle have been trying to create for nearly a year come to life and act out how i had imagined them to act! i've seen some of my work come to life before but not first hand and nothing as impressive as this! full Kudos also undoubtedly go to the chief Seamstress of the film Lynsey for not only making the body of 'The Fallen' but for doing it under the turmoil that the film under went for a brief period! o another note of achievement and personal pride for my partner i crime, Laura shes been scribbling away at the journals featured in the film with sketches and dialog. not an easy task by far! Ben and Luke were thoroughly impressed with her work!
anyway after day 6 i am in need of a wash and then back to work!.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Just thought i would put up some of the panels for the subject matter of my recent painted work.
i didnt have to do it and it wasnt intended to go with the work in the gallery. just a little practice and fun with a little short story.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dream solver: Sketches

Also whilst doing the warhouse work and shows, ive been plugging away at sketches for the characters of the Dream Solver comic i'm working on with writer Luke Foster.
its going well. stay tuned. we start that very soon!

Warhouse Storyboards: A Sneeky Peek

What a week. setting up for the Free Range Show in the Old Truman Brewery was harder than i thought it would be, i was able to get some extra work up inthe show but alas i had to go through a mammoth journey on the hot sticky tubes of london with 2 big paintings by my side getting in the way of all of the other passengers who where claerly already irritated enough by the heat of it all.
in the end the show went up and it turned out nicely. i had to deal with my short amount of space by altering the layout of the newer paintings but i think it worked. but i leave that judgement to the feedback i get later on....
Meanwhile behind the scenes and the inbetweens ive been hard at work planning the storyboards for warhouse and making a shopping list for going on set. i'm going down on the 9th for two weeks so i'll have abit of a photo documentary of the days working on set.
the images ive attached are some sneeky peek sketches for the Warhouse Storyboards.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Time and Date!

Well.....ive had a hard couple of weeks. i've had to learn the hard way that when one grows up and trys to work in the real world its quite a good and helpful idea to get ones self a diary calender!
i managed to to let things gather up into the same month without realising and here it is. coming down on me like a big old stack of books!. well ....we have to learn somehow. may as wel have some fun with the challenge....Meanwhile! Warhouse has gone into full swing! Filming begins mid July so all the costumes and props, SFX and fight rehearsals are in full swing!
Luke and Ben have asked me to go on set to help out with abit of stuff on location so ive dragged along my partner Miss trinder to give me a hand with some things. its going to be a blast. the head of the Special Effects is our friend Gayle Cooper, shes also there with her other half, my good friend Adam Ladlow, hes helping out with the sets construction and trying to get as much of a cameo appearence as he can get! ( i may try that myself!)
meanwhile until we go onto set i'm heading way into the storyboards of the fight scenes.
Also during that ive been working on teh sketches and designs of the Dream solver characters.
the start of working on the real thing is looming, and to be honest i cant wait. left right and ceneter when i'm reading comics i'm comparing, gaining influenece and driving on ideas on how to make the comic good! we're going to make this one bad ass comic for sure!
the only thing i could do with is if the earth turned down the heat a little bit. my blood is too thick for this!
also attacthed is a newer sketch of the Monsters from Warhouse! should have the progress of that up soon.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Return!

Its been too long! Mainly due to me being so busy work wise and sort of a wee bit lazy at the same time. so.....since my last post a lot has happened! completed the uni degree in fine art! whad a fantastic final show. sold a little bit of work. and had a good time. it was great to see all the other departments. if i had the cash i would certanly go through another course. Illustration would be my new route as its the career i seem to be heading down.
Meanhwile since the show ive been working at Warhouse. weve managed to get the go ahead by a really wicked actor to play abit of a kick ass role in the film, i did a couple of character concepts for his role. so hopefully they gave him an idea of how badass he would be!
also i had a trip to Canterbury with writer Luke Foster for the Graphic Novel were working on. Canterbury is the Setting of the story so we had a walk through the city and locations the characters would find themselves so we took photos and drank tea..... its a fantastic city.comes straight out of a Harry Potter book, possibly hope to find myself living there in the future!.
Sketches have started with the characters of the Novel so getting along with that. so i'll have some of the designs up when i get some better stuff to show for it.
And finally last week Me and my partner in crime, Miss Trinder wentt along to see a private view of artist Justin Mortimer in london. that was a great show, me and laura had already been shown most of the work in the show when we visited his studio a few months back. but it was quite different to see his work fully displayed in a nice little space. we met Justin there amongst the crowd, we also met his studio neighbour Phil Hale he also remebered us from our studio visit so it was a prity relaxed atmosphere having already known them and had plenty to talk about.

So from here on out i'm on my own. a fully fledged artist! its been hard i must admit to get along without a pre planned structure. well until just now realising i should set myself one!
Justin warned me about this stage being the hardest part of graduating. but i know what i have to do and i do have alot to get along with! so shoudl have some progress to show very soon!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Subject Matter

Also Just a glipse at the research back up for my uni work. as a part of showing the reason for both the style and content origins of my work. ive decided to storyboard the story behind the subject matter.
hers a glimpse at the first scene. pritty basic black and white. fun though!

Gloss over

Work on the painting series finaly has a light at the end of the tunnel. the work is coming to a finish and so the final step of Varnishing has come about. i want to varnish these as much as i can so that they have a watery or almost glassy look to them. its abit of a first for me to varnish my work. i tried it out on a smaller piece last week and have given it a good few thick coats of gloss varnish. to be honest it made me feel alot better about the final pieces.
heres a sneeky peek of one of the finals just after a first coat.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

One Of Them!

Well the week or so just gone has been a strange one, worked heavy for the most of it, during the day working on uni work the going home and working on the concept work. and abit of the uni work here and there. all in all when i look back on it it feels like nothing has been done! one of those weeks! so far the paintings have taken on quite abit of progress. they about a good few days decent work off from being finished but i'm taking my sweet time with these babies so it takes what it takes. having alot of fun working on them. definatly confirmed for myself i want to carry on painting even through to professional work.
Bit of a cool update with teh graphic Novel 'Dream solver', i Met with the Writer Luke Foster on the weekend. it was really great to finally meet the guy in person. we talked for ages about the graphic novel, all the which ways its going and could go. really exciting stuff. made me realise alot of angles and things i hadnt even thought of for the novel. its all good though made me double excited, we should be actually starting that around mid July hopefully. so stay tuned for work on that.
Meanwhile the Warhouse project is going swell. most of the work ive done this week was little short of BAD....but i'm optimistic after some of todays work, ive attached a segment of the character design i was working on today. fun stuff. hopefully should have more stuff through the week.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Moved out

bit of todays work. my internet went bust mid way through yesterdays post so i had to wait until today to post yesterdays update. so heres todays update. worked on two pieces although one was given abit more attention. thanks to the uni renting out apparent unused space to the amature painting society' i lost my usual studio space so work was abit slow until i found some form of newer space but one managed to go through some hefty detail work. so heres the progress from today.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Update of uni work.
so far the final pieces are going slowish. and have now been cut from six pieces to five. mainly because of the time limit and the board was re worked so much the prime surface was ruined and i had to take it back to skratch which right now dosnt go well with my ever shortening time limit! but on a plus side it feels good to be working with a just five now. strangely working with them all laid out it feels more even.
also attached one of the latest ones from working today managed to get alot done today worked three pieces at once and suprisingly it worked well.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

At The Piano

Another of the Warhouse caharcter visuals. Damn ashamed of this piece. so many things wrong. but hey i'll show it because thats what this blog about........ re thinking my technique methods for all this buisness. its quite possible that my work is better in physical medium form rather than worked mainly through photoshop. hmmm more experiments with this are in order and getting a hefty whip crack on drawing practice. damn.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Limits of a scar

Just a Quick update sneaky peek at a caharcter detail sketch for Warhouse.
scars are damn fun to make up and draw. the trick is to know how much or little scaring to do.
its easy to get carried away or make it look un believable. hopefully this is a believable scar.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Its Begun!

Just a quick update, My Camera has gone loopy so vidual updates of progress is on abit of a stand still, although with some help ive managed to get some visuals of the larger practice studies i've been working with recently. luckily these have helped me realise that i needed to adjust the sizes and composition of the final pieces.
the final pieces which are a series of 6 paintings. have now begun, Primed with White lead primer and finished with a sand down. over the next four weeks i'll be working on them, should have them finished within four weeks........... hopefully.
also, had a meeting with director Luke Massey and producer Benjamin Read in london the other week. went pritty well, and since then ive been given the first draft of the Warhouse script. quite definatly some of the most exciting stuff ive worked with. cant wait to see how this works out!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Leap

Just got the confirmation that i'll be working on my first graphic novel, luckily the work i sent seemed appeal to the right people of the publishers!...phew!
i'll be working with a writer who goes by the name of Luke Foster on his piece titled 'Dream Solver'
we'll be being published through Insomnia Publications, they specialise in upcoming UK creators in the medium of Graphic Novels.
i'll be linking their own blog and website up in the top right.
so if all goes to plan i should be strating work on that within a few months. few things to get through! such as the tiny issue of gaining my art degree! so first things first, i had abit of a spasm when i found out about this job as it should be a great project and for me i'm filling abit of a personal goal or the start of filling it! i'll update on this when more develops. meanwhile i'll leave you with the brief of the story Insomnia have issued through their own blog:

Dream Solver by Luke Foster

When 22 year old picture researcher Ione-Rose Young has a disturbing, recurring dream about seeing her own death, she doesn’t know whether to dismiss it as just another weird dream, or worry that it’s about to come true. Unable to shake the dream from her mind, she sets out to decipher its meaning.

Luke has sent me a preview of the actual script, from what little he sent me it sounds like should be a great project!

i'll leave you with one of the pieces of work we sent off to Insomnia for a sample of my style and practice.

The window to the soul

a little peek at a piece of comic work i put together for a pitch to a publishing company.

Study #6

Update of study #6

Monday, 23 March 2009


again working with studies for my final uni work until i get my wood panels to work on, should be getting them tomorow if all goes well! if i get them i should be priming them up for the rest of the week ready for the April holidays to get working on them like a madman! really cant wait. should be a nice big empty and quiet study for 2 weeks!
with these stuies ive been working on today trying to work ith less black and more just dark shades of colours to give the figures a better fuller feel, i think colour adds more to the peice, adds more drama, also opens the interpretation up a tad. with thi one ive been working with a mix of greens and browns and adding liquin to the acrylic to it slides across the surface more smoothly and had more flow to the way you brush through and mix. the sceond study is still in progress, not too happy with the figure but its still in progress.
more to come!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


A study from today, working and playing with the mediums of the new paintings for the final year show, this is just basic acrylic on board, thinking of adding some mixes to the paint for better brush flow and for the paint to look less matt, i want to try and get a sort of wetish look to some of the paint application, some bits more fluid than others, its abit hard to achieve when you use just acrylic on its own, some liquin is in order methinks. possibly play with some new colour tones, although i like the whole greyish ble i would like to add some tones of green or pathces of fleshy loking areas, make him look uncomfortably human. hmmm.
very dark and meaning full all this.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Also today, ive been working on composition sketches for my final pieces for Uni, this has come all too quickly for my liking, cought me abit off guard. but i'm ready.....
just working on painting methods and composition, Pritty deep work, has alot of personal meaning so it will have alot of my style both visualy and conceptualy. heavy stuff.


Just been working on some old comic stuff again. portfolio prep, im not too amazing with my comic work but i do try......

Friday, 20 March 2009


Just a quick heads up,
A good friend of mine and housemate has just set himself up a blog, he goes by the name of Dom Heath, he specialises in photography, his work is pritty damn clever, you can find a link to his blog in the top right of this page,
Also with the new update of links comes, Mr jo Arm, a fellow classmate and all round good friend!
he does some quite nice and pristine painting, worth a check up, especially if you like pixels. you can find a link to him in the top right too.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Beaten Soldier

Actually managed to finish this image. somewhat anyway. i like it.
it may need more or it may not. we shall see.

Early Hours

Still working like a madman. a few things on the go at once, but its all fun!
heres abit of an update. working to the early hours of the day on skethces and designs for Warhouse, by far the best thing ive worked on, the characters and ideas are so much fun to work to,
heres a working progress of the main chracter looking abit worn as the story progresses, if i hurry myself up then we can start on the storyboards........
i'm doing it!
oh also i said id talk about it my encounter with artist Justin Mortimer.
In short i had the best one on one tutorial of my work i have ad during my whole course of being a student of art. he was really easy to talk to and was full of painterly knowledge that i absorbed the best i could, made me think of my personal work on new levels, and hope for the art student afterlife!
Anyway it was a great experience, Justin invited me to his studio on monday to see his work and space and try and introduce me to my hero Phil Hale who he shares his studio with. fingers crossed.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Just diging up some old comic ideas ive had and left in the past. neatening them up for some portfolio stuff.

Monday, 9 March 2009


Study Sketch for some new paintings. too many ideas so little time

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Miss Trinder

Just an update on the behalf of my partner in crime Miss Trinder. she has now started herself a Blog of her own. i imagine she will be using it in a simular fashion to wht i have here.
she has some great work there a strange but fanasticle mix of Photography drawing and paint. worth a look. you can find her link in the top right hand side.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009


This is abit of a late update on the current work of the Warhouse project. recently handed a few character desigs to Luke, things are going well. the script is still in the works so the real storyboard work wont be underway until that is given the go ahead. meanwhile until then i'll still be working with charecter designs. having some great fun.
The two characters shown are the two main chracters i like how this image worked out and i'm pritty sure i'm going to wok onto this image more.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

BAM! - Final

Finished another scene for the new sets of promotional storyboards for Mehul's 'Evacuation' script.

Friday, 27 February 2009


New painting of the Dailys
'Well if i have to show you myslef!' study

Thursday, 26 February 2009


Recently, working alot more with the Warhouse project, its going nicely with character designs on going and later on when things are in plave we'll be working on the storyboards of the film. cant wait to start them.
The director Luke is linked on top right of my page, thats his blog covering so far his unfluences and it will be showing more of his side of the production and alot more of the technical workings, some great facts up already onn his cinematic influencesand directions.
Also, i'm still working with Mehul Desai for the Dv shorts Application which is next week. still working on 3 scenes to be submitted with his new draft of the script. heres one of those scenes.
And for personal work its going swell. recently worked out a ne project for painting which i'm looking forward to starting asap but more on that when it actually gets physicaly started, Next week i'm meeting with an amazing artist Justin Mortimer for a sort of one on one tutorial in the studio. hes a really inspirational artist and a true figuartive painter. Even bagging himself a national portrait award a few years back and a portrait of the queen. he has a wicked style, i think you have to see it rather than be told. I'm told he shares a studio with one of my greatest heroes of painting, Phil Hale so its going to be plenty of questions and the honour is going to be mine for sure! i'll give abit of a highlight on that once ive met him.
Heres a link for Justin Mortimer's Website: Mr Mortimer Definatly worth a Look.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Soldier

Abit of a sneaky peak at some of the work ive been up to recently. this a character profile picture of the protagonist of the new script i'm working on with Luke Massey. its called 'Warhouse' i really like this script it has a wicked storyline to it. ive been working on alor of charector design stuff, just for now as other thinhs are in process and hopefully this stuff might help other people along with some visuals.
some really fun stuff, but i wont go puttig it all up just yet. so far this and the other work has all been in pencils, i seem to have taken my hand back to that rather than straight into photoshop. i seem to have rememberd its the best way to get familiar with any sort of characteristics that need to be carried through with the drawings...the moral is... draw people! draw!