Thursday, 26 February 2009


Recently, working alot more with the Warhouse project, its going nicely with character designs on going and later on when things are in plave we'll be working on the storyboards of the film. cant wait to start them.
The director Luke is linked on top right of my page, thats his blog covering so far his unfluences and it will be showing more of his side of the production and alot more of the technical workings, some great facts up already onn his cinematic influencesand directions.
Also, i'm still working with Mehul Desai for the Dv shorts Application which is next week. still working on 3 scenes to be submitted with his new draft of the script. heres one of those scenes.
And for personal work its going swell. recently worked out a ne project for painting which i'm looking forward to starting asap but more on that when it actually gets physicaly started, Next week i'm meeting with an amazing artist Justin Mortimer for a sort of one on one tutorial in the studio. hes a really inspirational artist and a true figuartive painter. Even bagging himself a national portrait award a few years back and a portrait of the queen. he has a wicked style, i think you have to see it rather than be told. I'm told he shares a studio with one of my greatest heroes of painting, Phil Hale so its going to be plenty of questions and the honour is going to be mine for sure! i'll give abit of a highlight on that once ive met him.
Heres a link for Justin Mortimer's Website: Mr Mortimer Definatly worth a Look.