Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Moved out

bit of todays work. my internet went bust mid way through yesterdays post so i had to wait until today to post yesterdays update. so heres todays update. worked on two pieces although one was given abit more attention. thanks to the uni renting out apparent unused space to the amature painting society' i lost my usual studio space so work was abit slow until i found some form of newer space but one managed to go through some hefty detail work. so heres the progress from today.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Update of uni work.
so far the final pieces are going slowish. and have now been cut from six pieces to five. mainly because of the time limit and the board was re worked so much the prime surface was ruined and i had to take it back to skratch which right now dosnt go well with my ever shortening time limit! but on a plus side it feels good to be working with a just five now. strangely working with them all laid out it feels more even.
also attached one of the latest ones from working today managed to get alot done today worked three pieces at once and suprisingly it worked well.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

At The Piano

Another of the Warhouse caharcter visuals. Damn ashamed of this piece. so many things wrong. but hey i'll show it because thats what this blog about........ re thinking my technique methods for all this buisness. its quite possible that my work is better in physical medium form rather than worked mainly through photoshop. hmmm more experiments with this are in order and getting a hefty whip crack on drawing practice. damn.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Limits of a scar

Just a Quick update sneaky peek at a caharcter detail sketch for Warhouse.
scars are damn fun to make up and draw. the trick is to know how much or little scaring to do.
its easy to get carried away or make it look un believable. hopefully this is a believable scar.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Its Begun!

Just a quick update, My Camera has gone loopy so vidual updates of progress is on abit of a stand still, although with some help ive managed to get some visuals of the larger practice studies i've been working with recently. luckily these have helped me realise that i needed to adjust the sizes and composition of the final pieces.
the final pieces which are a series of 6 paintings. have now begun, Primed with White lead primer and finished with a sand down. over the next four weeks i'll be working on them, should have them finished within four weeks........... hopefully.
also, had a meeting with director Luke Massey and producer Benjamin Read in london the other week. went pritty well, and since then ive been given the first draft of the Warhouse script. quite definatly some of the most exciting stuff ive worked with. cant wait to see how this works out!