Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cat Dani

Well today is my good old housemate's birtday . the housemate in question is that of Dani shes a good egg and the master organiser of the house. wed all be abit lost and late with the bills if it wasnt for her.
she makes a cracking Catwoman and is abit of a dab hand at photography so i did her a little picture in dedication. this is also abit of a plan sketch because i wouldnt mind making this into a modle.
Happy Birthday Dani!

Friday, 14 March 2008


well things have fallen into place prity quickly with the 'Operator' art work i did for Bernhard within that day he had sorted it for printing plans for the vynil record and sent me a preview of thw stuff. its looking badass and i cant wait to get my hands on a copy of it.
proud as punch because my name has been printed on the cover too...thanks Benhard!

Operator othreside

well worked hard on the second side of Bernards album cover. here it is i'm prity proud of the piece. but being my own worst critic and all theres things ive picked up on.
but its worked out.

Monday, 10 March 2008


Just got off the phone to Bernhard who im working for on a few things. most recently weve been working on an album cover for his own Dj work he does. if youve seen this site before you might remeber the quick plan sketch on a previous post. the album is called 'Operator' and thats kind of the theme of the front cover. i'm proud as hell as its going to be printed on his vynil records so i'l be gettina copy of it all spick and span professionaly done and all that jazz.
but before that ive got to do the reverse side of the cover which will be the other side of the face.
so far i'm enjoying it alot!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sam Wise Gangreen

heres a photoshop pciture i did for my friend sam for her birthday.
i'm pleased with it. think i'm getting the hang of drawing ladies now and kind of getting comfortable iwth this style of drawing on photoshop

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The battle begins

well i've finally started the big piece. wel to tell a lie i started it last week but i havnt been happy with the size or anything and repainted it a few times over. but today it started on a path that feels alot better........but still by no means i'm happy with it. its quite daunting using such a big canvas. for me i seem o lose focus of the size i'm working on and get smaller and smaller and thing tend to look out of shape.
it definatly takes alot of steepoing back and umming and chin rubbing. i'm going for the idea of working into it over and over with just black and white. alot like how i do with photoshop.only with this the ink and the white paint mix when i'm not patient eniugh. which i guess isnt always a bad thing. anyway its an ongoing battle. i'm goin to record its changes through out.
also with todays stuff i've been working on a portrait of Elizebteh short some know he as 'Black Dahlia' and unsolved murder victim who had a smile cut into her face. i'm doing work all about smiling when you dont want to so thats how i'm tying it in. nothing strangley perverse.....i dont think anyhow


heres something taht is truely my quick rough stuff. its just a quick loosen exesise adn plan for my big painting. its the same idea ive been umming an arrrring over the past few months .
plus ive put it up here because i need to transfer it onto a computer in my uni to print it off!
should have soem nicer looking things up tomorow.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


abit of a change in media. this is abit of a growing hobby of mine now. how it goes is if i find a suitably sized bust i'll take it and change the face using clay. so far because i'm such an old horror fan i've set myself to re shape the bsts i find into horror icons so far i've managed to find only two busts of the size i like. but its now worry i like the idea of it so far being a once in a while thing.
so far i've created these beasties 'big Frank' and 'Phantom' the phantom one is abit hard to work out i guess he looks alot like Orson Welles but no matter i had in mind to base him off Lon Chaney's phantom. ah well
i'm hopingto do a whole series of them all of differnt horror characters like the Wolfman, Dracula, Mr Hyde and more hopefuly some lady icons if i can find a bust. i'm keeping my eyes peeled