Thursday, 6 March 2008

The battle begins

well i've finally started the big piece. wel to tell a lie i started it last week but i havnt been happy with the size or anything and repainted it a few times over. but today it started on a path that feels alot better........but still by no means i'm happy with it. its quite daunting using such a big canvas. for me i seem o lose focus of the size i'm working on and get smaller and smaller and thing tend to look out of shape.
it definatly takes alot of steepoing back and umming and chin rubbing. i'm going for the idea of working into it over and over with just black and white. alot like how i do with photoshop.only with this the ink and the white paint mix when i'm not patient eniugh. which i guess isnt always a bad thing. anyway its an ongoing battle. i'm goin to record its changes through out.
also with todays stuff i've been working on a portrait of Elizebteh short some know he as 'Black Dahlia' and unsolved murder victim who had a smile cut into her face. i'm doing work all about smiling when you dont want to so thats how i'm tying it in. nothing strangley perverse.....i dont think anyhow