Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Leap

Just got the confirmation that i'll be working on my first graphic novel, luckily the work i sent seemed appeal to the right people of the publishers!...phew!
i'll be working with a writer who goes by the name of Luke Foster on his piece titled 'Dream Solver'
we'll be being published through Insomnia Publications, they specialise in upcoming UK creators in the medium of Graphic Novels.
i'll be linking their own blog and website up in the top right.
so if all goes to plan i should be strating work on that within a few months. few things to get through! such as the tiny issue of gaining my art degree! so first things first, i had abit of a spasm when i found out about this job as it should be a great project and for me i'm filling abit of a personal goal or the start of filling it! i'll update on this when more develops. meanwhile i'll leave you with the brief of the story Insomnia have issued through their own blog:

Dream Solver by Luke Foster

When 22 year old picture researcher Ione-Rose Young has a disturbing, recurring dream about seeing her own death, she doesn’t know whether to dismiss it as just another weird dream, or worry that it’s about to come true. Unable to shake the dream from her mind, she sets out to decipher its meaning.

Luke has sent me a preview of the actual script, from what little he sent me it sounds like should be a great project!

i'll leave you with one of the pieces of work we sent off to Insomnia for a sample of my style and practice.

The window to the soul

a little peek at a piece of comic work i put together for a pitch to a publishing company.

Study #6

Update of study #6

Monday, 23 March 2009


again working with studies for my final uni work until i get my wood panels to work on, should be getting them tomorow if all goes well! if i get them i should be priming them up for the rest of the week ready for the April holidays to get working on them like a madman! really cant wait. should be a nice big empty and quiet study for 2 weeks!
with these stuies ive been working on today trying to work ith less black and more just dark shades of colours to give the figures a better fuller feel, i think colour adds more to the peice, adds more drama, also opens the interpretation up a tad. with thi one ive been working with a mix of greens and browns and adding liquin to the acrylic to it slides across the surface more smoothly and had more flow to the way you brush through and mix. the sceond study is still in progress, not too happy with the figure but its still in progress.
more to come!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


A study from today, working and playing with the mediums of the new paintings for the final year show, this is just basic acrylic on board, thinking of adding some mixes to the paint for better brush flow and for the paint to look less matt, i want to try and get a sort of wetish look to some of the paint application, some bits more fluid than others, its abit hard to achieve when you use just acrylic on its own, some liquin is in order methinks. possibly play with some new colour tones, although i like the whole greyish ble i would like to add some tones of green or pathces of fleshy loking areas, make him look uncomfortably human. hmmm.
very dark and meaning full all this.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Also today, ive been working on composition sketches for my final pieces for Uni, this has come all too quickly for my liking, cought me abit off guard. but i'm ready.....
just working on painting methods and composition, Pritty deep work, has alot of personal meaning so it will have alot of my style both visualy and conceptualy. heavy stuff.


Just been working on some old comic stuff again. portfolio prep, im not too amazing with my comic work but i do try......

Friday, 20 March 2009


Just a quick heads up,
A good friend of mine and housemate has just set himself up a blog, he goes by the name of Dom Heath, he specialises in photography, his work is pritty damn clever, you can find a link to his blog in the top right of this page,
Also with the new update of links comes, Mr jo Arm, a fellow classmate and all round good friend!
he does some quite nice and pristine painting, worth a check up, especially if you like pixels. you can find a link to him in the top right too.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Beaten Soldier

Actually managed to finish this image. somewhat anyway. i like it.
it may need more or it may not. we shall see.

Early Hours

Still working like a madman. a few things on the go at once, but its all fun!
heres abit of an update. working to the early hours of the day on skethces and designs for Warhouse, by far the best thing ive worked on, the characters and ideas are so much fun to work to,
heres a working progress of the main chracter looking abit worn as the story progresses, if i hurry myself up then we can start on the storyboards........
i'm doing it!
oh also i said id talk about it my encounter with artist Justin Mortimer.
In short i had the best one on one tutorial of my work i have ad during my whole course of being a student of art. he was really easy to talk to and was full of painterly knowledge that i absorbed the best i could, made me think of my personal work on new levels, and hope for the art student afterlife!
Anyway it was a great experience, Justin invited me to his studio on monday to see his work and space and try and introduce me to my hero Phil Hale who he shares his studio with. fingers crossed.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Just diging up some old comic ideas ive had and left in the past. neatening them up for some portfolio stuff.

Monday, 9 March 2009


Study Sketch for some new paintings. too many ideas so little time

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Miss Trinder

Just an update on the behalf of my partner in crime Miss Trinder. she has now started herself a Blog of her own. i imagine she will be using it in a simular fashion to wht i have here.
she has some great work there a strange but fanasticle mix of Photography drawing and paint. worth a look. you can find her link in the top right hand side.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009


This is abit of a late update on the current work of the Warhouse project. recently handed a few character desigs to Luke, things are going well. the script is still in the works so the real storyboard work wont be underway until that is given the go ahead. meanwhile until then i'll still be working with charecter designs. having some great fun.
The two characters shown are the two main chracters i like how this image worked out and i'm pritty sure i'm going to wok onto this image more.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

BAM! - Final

Finished another scene for the new sets of promotional storyboards for Mehul's 'Evacuation' script.