Thursday, 30 October 2008

Back to Basics

Finally ive taken my hand seriously back to painting. i'm spillingw ith ideas now. so fueled and desireing to get back to painting witha willingness to learn more!
cant wait.
i started a piece around two weeks ago. its been abit slow progress with having a storyboard job that had to be completed and with dissertation and uni
work itself it's been hard to stay commited soley to one thing. but now that since yesterday i finished the storyboard work. i'm back to full speed university mind. although the painting with have to still remain in a sort of side seat while i still have dissertation work to get along with. attached here is a recently updated image of current project. its simply a life piece but its whole reason for being is getting me used to painting and settle in and its been making my brain matter jiggle with things i could do with other things!
another piece is being dreamed up. of a simular style hopefully i should have that penciled and started tommorow!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Eye to Hand

this here is a quick sketch i did in a uni meeting. paying full attention of course. just random people from aroudn the room. the bottom left guy is one of our tutors michael wright. he's one of the most amazing people ive ever met. his mind wonders and notices things alot of people wouldnt ever consider unless they had a gun to their head. wed still miss things that he notices under that pressure! complete luckand pleasure to work with this guy.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Class of Life

had a wicked Life drawing session last night. Gerald the usual model was there but another model was double booked so we had a bonus model. working with two models is alot more interesting than working with just one. especially of they know each other quite well. there was alot of energy and good relaxed feel to the session which is quite key for the people working from the models. i had to work from one model a few years back an dhe was moody and prity awful at keeping still which i think are key things to avoid in a life model!
anyway heres a few studies i did. i can tell working more and more with a model and drawing in every inch of spare time makes all the difference in drawing skill.

P.S on the top studie apologies. just as i finished painting i spilt a lid of ink on the piece. i was less than pleased with myself.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sole Survivor

This heres a quick piece i did today. based on a song i really like. about a fellow awakening in a plane crash.
quick painted it with ink then touched it up abit in photoshop.
kinda like it some things are abit wrong but hey how quick and nasty.