Saturday, 31 January 2009


well the man flu has set in and the small tiny violin is playing as i weep!
had quite a slow day today. working on a sketch. hoping to maybe have this as a piece for my portfolio. we'l see how it turns out i guess.
heres abit of an update. much more to be worked onto this.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


quick mess of a picture of the Punisher again, i realy should try and tidy up my drawings sometimes, but then i think it has some charm? hmmmm


Just a quick note! just added a link on the top right, its simply a link to the Saatchi Online gallery, basicaly alot of artists presenting work on there for promotion and crits of their work. its great to check out for un known artists seeing the good and the ugly!
for me its almost the same as this site only with more cleaner final work on there. solittle or no doodles and progress up on there.

Just another little update on the stuies i'm working on. having abit of trouble with teh anaotmy on one, but thats why i keep doing it!
having great fun with these.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

just a quick update of the study from today, finsihed this just moving onto the next one.

Monday, 12 January 2009


Just a quik update of the painted study for future work, its going wel had a slow day today, good bit of life drawing but my amera is dead of power so wont have them up just yet.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Also today just finished the Front back and side of the alien. phew!. time for a rest!

Scene Final

Just finished the final look of the new scene for 'Evacuation'. prity proud of this. theres more improvments needed as i look at it more but i'm giving in for now ive got other things to do!
Mehul just sent me some samples of the aliens noises at atmospheric sounds. say the least they made me very giddy! hopefully this will take off!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Busy Bee

Busy busy busy!
had a great couple of days, been hard at the uni work, ive been working on studies for an idea of my final piece. also begun a study fir another one off piece, that piece is for aan exhibition run by a fellow class mate, cant wait to start this, although so far this study ive been working on is going nice! this work began sort of last year and has been dropped, picked up flipped, changed, dropped and picked up again! so its had abit of development and consideration so far, feels like its paid off, and its given me a burst of want to paint!
this is a taste of whats been going on so far.

Monday, 5 January 2009

More re work!

Still working with this scene, only weve had to re design it, the original mock up i had wasnt at the right angle. looking back at it the original didnt hold much drama with the angle. its quite suprising sometimes how a little shift the in the perspective can alter the look and feel of it all.
so here is the newer version. hopefully this has the go ahead, times a gettin short.

Re Work

Recently ive been re assigned by Mehul Desai the director i worked with on my last storyboard jobs.
Mehul decided to re apply his script to another production company in hopes to gain funding to make his story made, weve gone back over the 'Evacuation' script, which i'm really happy about there was lots more to be done with this and still more than i think i'll be able to do for right now! i think thats a good sign,
anyway weve re worked the back pack of the alien, which was to include a steam release valve and also for me i wanted to make it look abit better, again staying with the theme of an oddly looking antique thing made of quite victorian industrial looking pipework and rivets. he had a camera i wanted to base around the design of those old 1950s cameras that had a big lamp on the side or folded away into a case, think who framed roger rabbit style! but if i get this scene finished in time i 'll give that a shot.
the scene i'm doing for the extra work is of the girl being draged away by the alien, this is a mock up from one night of work, i'm happy with the composition and overall look, just trying to figure out the shadow.
well work goes on! busy at the same time with uni work as well! should be able post up a painting i'm working on with the next post. also some of the photography studies for my final year project.... if i'm brave enough to show myself looking a tad bit silly.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Up And Away!

today has been a manic day of many things at once! i had a bit of a brain storm of things and ideas, mainly working on studies and planning to do studies over the next week, basiclay for my assesment i wat to show the process and planning of my final year piece, ive got a definate big piece i want to try and do. hopefully these studies will be the way forward!
meanwhile along that theres a mini exhibition in Jan/Feb that a fellow class mate has started to organise, id love to be part of that and have one piece i want to enter for it. based on an idea from alice in wonderland, hopefully that shouls shape up well, i did the refrence photos for it the other morning so hopeing to begin with that by the weekend too, depeneding ifi get this damn canvas fixed! fingers crossed
this here was abit of fun with some of the brushes on facebook, i dont experiment enough with them.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Punisher

recently saw the new Punisher film. brilliant! real punisher, merciless, true justice!