Monday, 5 January 2009

Re Work

Recently ive been re assigned by Mehul Desai the director i worked with on my last storyboard jobs.
Mehul decided to re apply his script to another production company in hopes to gain funding to make his story made, weve gone back over the 'Evacuation' script, which i'm really happy about there was lots more to be done with this and still more than i think i'll be able to do for right now! i think thats a good sign,
anyway weve re worked the back pack of the alien, which was to include a steam release valve and also for me i wanted to make it look abit better, again staying with the theme of an oddly looking antique thing made of quite victorian industrial looking pipework and rivets. he had a camera i wanted to base around the design of those old 1950s cameras that had a big lamp on the side or folded away into a case, think who framed roger rabbit style! but if i get this scene finished in time i 'll give that a shot.
the scene i'm doing for the extra work is of the girl being draged away by the alien, this is a mock up from one night of work, i'm happy with the composition and overall look, just trying to figure out the shadow.
well work goes on! busy at the same time with uni work as well! should be able post up a painting i'm working on with the next post. also some of the photography studies for my final year project.... if i'm brave enough to show myself looking a tad bit silly.