Friday, 2 January 2009

Up And Away!

today has been a manic day of many things at once! i had a bit of a brain storm of things and ideas, mainly working on studies and planning to do studies over the next week, basiclay for my assesment i wat to show the process and planning of my final year piece, ive got a definate big piece i want to try and do. hopefully these studies will be the way forward!
meanwhile along that theres a mini exhibition in Jan/Feb that a fellow class mate has started to organise, id love to be part of that and have one piece i want to enter for it. based on an idea from alice in wonderland, hopefully that shouls shape up well, i did the refrence photos for it the other morning so hopeing to begin with that by the weekend too, depeneding ifi get this damn canvas fixed! fingers crossed
this here was abit of fun with some of the brushes on facebook, i dont experiment enough with them.