Monday, 29 June 2009

Time and Date!

Well.....ive had a hard couple of weeks. i've had to learn the hard way that when one grows up and trys to work in the real world its quite a good and helpful idea to get ones self a diary calender!
i managed to to let things gather up into the same month without realising and here it is. coming down on me like a big old stack of books!. well ....we have to learn somehow. may as wel have some fun with the challenge....Meanwhile! Warhouse has gone into full swing! Filming begins mid July so all the costumes and props, SFX and fight rehearsals are in full swing!
Luke and Ben have asked me to go on set to help out with abit of stuff on location so ive dragged along my partner Miss trinder to give me a hand with some things. its going to be a blast. the head of the Special Effects is our friend Gayle Cooper, shes also there with her other half, my good friend Adam Ladlow, hes helping out with the sets construction and trying to get as much of a cameo appearence as he can get! ( i may try that myself!)
meanwhile until we go onto set i'm heading way into the storyboards of the fight scenes.
Also during that ive been working on teh sketches and designs of the Dream solver characters.
the start of working on the real thing is looming, and to be honest i cant wait. left right and ceneter when i'm reading comics i'm comparing, gaining influenece and driving on ideas on how to make the comic good! we're going to make this one bad ass comic for sure!
the only thing i could do with is if the earth turned down the heat a little bit. my blood is too thick for this!
also attacthed is a newer sketch of the Monsters from Warhouse! should have the progress of that up soon.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Return!

Its been too long! Mainly due to me being so busy work wise and sort of a wee bit lazy at the same time. so.....since my last post a lot has happened! completed the uni degree in fine art! whad a fantastic final show. sold a little bit of work. and had a good time. it was great to see all the other departments. if i had the cash i would certanly go through another course. Illustration would be my new route as its the career i seem to be heading down.
Meanhwile since the show ive been working at Warhouse. weve managed to get the go ahead by a really wicked actor to play abit of a kick ass role in the film, i did a couple of character concepts for his role. so hopefully they gave him an idea of how badass he would be!
also i had a trip to Canterbury with writer Luke Foster for the Graphic Novel were working on. Canterbury is the Setting of the story so we had a walk through the city and locations the characters would find themselves so we took photos and drank tea..... its a fantastic city.comes straight out of a Harry Potter book, possibly hope to find myself living there in the future!.
Sketches have started with the characters of the Novel so getting along with that. so i'll have some of the designs up when i get some better stuff to show for it.
And finally last week Me and my partner in crime, Miss Trinder wentt along to see a private view of artist Justin Mortimer in london. that was a great show, me and laura had already been shown most of the work in the show when we visited his studio a few months back. but it was quite different to see his work fully displayed in a nice little space. we met Justin there amongst the crowd, we also met his studio neighbour Phil Hale he also remebered us from our studio visit so it was a prity relaxed atmosphere having already known them and had plenty to talk about.

So from here on out i'm on my own. a fully fledged artist! its been hard i must admit to get along without a pre planned structure. well until just now realising i should set myself one!
Justin warned me about this stage being the hardest part of graduating. but i know what i have to do and i do have alot to get along with! so shoudl have some progress to show very soon!