Sunday, 27 January 2008

Joker and Harley

The obsession with the Joker and Harley Quinn continues but this piece so far i'm really proud of. i'm just doing it in my spare time. but spending alot of concentration on it
so far i'm likeing it just black and white but i think i'll colour it at some point too. but one step at a time i guess.
Anyone who knows of much comic iconic images will recognise thats its very simular to the piece done by Alex Ross. i'm a big fan of his Work i recomend if your interested to look up the comic called Kingdom Come. the art work on each page just blows you away.
anyway this is my progress so far with him. my work is starting to pile before my eyes with work for uni and with freelance work for Ironbox films still going so i need fresh things in my won time to keep me sane i guess.
i love being busy though.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Harley Quinn

I was pritty gutted to hear about Heath Ledger today, he was about to show off an amazing role.
it hasnt put me off drawing him though r making a costume. meanwhile i've been drawing from my friend Duke again. I reinvisioned her as the Jokers on off girlfrined Harlley Quinn. i love the character

Monday, 21 January 2008


heres a pic of my studio space in uni looking abit neater than usual
the work on the wall is some of my recent stuff.
i had to pick out some of the best stuff id done the past few weeks.
mostly it was my frankenstien prints and paintings with a few random others
not too happy with it all but mostly its stuff to get my noodle working
i'll be starting on more full on painting by next week onec i've finished my plans for them

Another Joke

so far i did a bit of a redo of my joker sketch
only this time straight onto the computer using a pen tablet. these things are amazing.
so far i prefer teh black and white version but the colour one is shaping up and i'm going to add more of a background.

Friday, 18 January 2008

The Joker

at the moment my new major obsession is the joker. i've always loved the joker anyway but with the new film looming this year. plus Heath ledgers version is looking to be my favorite. how i've wanted him to be
did this little sketch on the train. i really like it so i think i'm going to re do it alot more neater and tidyer maybe with colour

Monday, 14 January 2008

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Uni Assesments are creeping up so this is when the class works the hardest!
but i've had a prity good week. churned out alot of work and planned some pieces that will be alot bigger a actual paintings. which i've missed doing alot . but i feel ready to get back to wich a fresh mind.
heres the plan for one basicaly getting down the stance of the figure and working out the main source of light. the main thing wont be simply black and white . i actualy do use colour!
i did more prints of Frankenstein's monster this week but i had to leave them over the weekend to dry in the studio so should have them up soon.
keep tuned

Thursday, 10 January 2008

back into the uni system and its going swell.
my tutor could see i was getting myself into a rut with my painting so she recomened u se print making techniques.
hard for me to get into as it was out of my comfort zone but i've given it ago.
its been abit hard to get to grips with the technique but i kind of figured you fond your own way about it too so thats what ive started doing.
the work i'm going to do with it is based around iconic horror chractors but more retro like hammer horror era and before nothing really afterwards.
i like the classics