Monday, 28 September 2009

Dream Solver Blog!

Well the Bics is coming up. still going at the panels and our promotion material is being pulled together. as part of our promotion and for anyone interested in following our progress and abit of behind the scenes of the comic, Myself and Luke have set up a blog dedicated towards the Dream solver novel. We will be updating with the likes of origins of our work where we've been influenced along the lines of creation, any news updates and General Progress of the novel. it should be right up the street for anyone wanting to know how we go about putting together a novel like this and how we ourselves are learning as we go!
Luke will be kicking off the Blog with an introduction post very soon. so stay tuned on that.also an easy link will be inserted into the top right of this blog and you can easily link between my blog the Dream Solver Blog and the Insomnia news blog! Keep an eye out!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ink Practice

Quick ink practice on one of the pannels. prity messy but to be fair hasnt had a clean up yet.
hopefully some sign of improvment will show soon.....?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Promotion and Looming Events!

Well back from holiday. recharged and ready to go. began again with the pannels of dream solver. abit slow to start off but hopefully going to pick up the pace and get back on track.
Also The BICS Comic con is a mere two weeks away and counting so trying to get some head way on some promotional work to hand out. as i mentioned before i should be doing some sketches on the Insomnia table, Both me and Luke will be there talking. meeting fellow creaters and anyone who has an interest in what we're doing so i'll have my best english voice on! so far as promotion to take along we'll have some flyers possibly looking like the mock up attached (yet to be inked and coloured). the image is an actual pannel from the Dream Solver novel a very significant pannel...but i'll say nay more on that. anyway should have some pannel updates throughout the week. until then.....

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well Finally got chance to get an update. Proof i am working!
Plugging away at the panels for Dreamsolver. so far ive been working mostly in pencil. i should really be using blue to get a better scan but i cant help it right now i need to be in my comfort zone!
havnt worked as quickly as i would have hoped recently as a pooch's attention was constantly needingto be fulfilled otherwise i got dirty looks! otherwiseworking late into the night to make some for of progress on the panels! the first few panels are having alot of detail at the moement so theyve taken a big chunk of time to make a mark on. the featured piece is a scetion of one panel. so you can see where i'm coming from. the rest of teh comic wont be all too detailed not as much as this....maybe. not too sure i dont think i will until i get this first chapetr in the bag and see how my work methods need changing and what not.
anyway. being the slacker i am i'm finnaly taking a little holiday for a week. but it will be full steam ahead once i return! Adure

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dreams and a pooch

Currently working away at the Dream Solver Comic, Started on the Real Pannels now, about 95% of the planning for the pannels is completed now aiming to have all the planning done by this weekend. currently doing some dog sitting so i'm working in a make shift drawing area at the moment with an attention grabbing pooch! so its been harder than usual to get my head down to the work but still there should be no room for excuses so i'll say nay more on that.
My current situation has found me out of reach of my scanner so visual updates will be a tad bit sparse but i'll get some evidence up here soon.

To Be Continued.....