Monday, 28 September 2009

Dream Solver Blog!

Well the Bics is coming up. still going at the panels and our promotion material is being pulled together. as part of our promotion and for anyone interested in following our progress and abit of behind the scenes of the comic, Myself and Luke have set up a blog dedicated towards the Dream solver novel. We will be updating with the likes of origins of our work where we've been influenced along the lines of creation, any news updates and General Progress of the novel. it should be right up the street for anyone wanting to know how we go about putting together a novel like this and how we ourselves are learning as we go!
Luke will be kicking off the Blog with an introduction post very soon. so stay tuned on that.also an easy link will be inserted into the top right of this blog and you can easily link between my blog the Dream Solver Blog and the Insomnia news blog! Keep an eye out!