Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well Finally got chance to get an update. Proof i am working!
Plugging away at the panels for Dreamsolver. so far ive been working mostly in pencil. i should really be using blue to get a better scan but i cant help it right now i need to be in my comfort zone!
havnt worked as quickly as i would have hoped recently as a pooch's attention was constantly needingto be fulfilled otherwise i got dirty looks! otherwiseworking late into the night to make some for of progress on the panels! the first few panels are having alot of detail at the moement so theyve taken a big chunk of time to make a mark on. the featured piece is a scetion of one panel. so you can see where i'm coming from. the rest of teh comic wont be all too detailed not as much as this....maybe. not too sure i dont think i will until i get this first chapetr in the bag and see how my work methods need changing and what not.
anyway. being the slacker i am i'm finnaly taking a little holiday for a week. but it will be full steam ahead once i return! Adure