Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sounds of the Warhouse

Today some exciting news from WarHouse. Since the main body of WarHouse was filmed and dusted Director Luke Massey and sound Guru Mark Kendrick have locked themselves into their editing office and have been slugging away for the final cut of the film. personally i cant wait to see what theyve done with the material but i have refused myself to go down to visit them at the office because i want to sit in silence and see the final piece in all its final glory!
The past week Luke and Wirter/producer Ben Read have been dwelling in the streets if london doing their buisness with the creative types, myself and Lady Trinder had the chance to meet up with them ourselves for a qucik catch up and talk of some future work.(thats a post all in itself).
Anyway my drive behind this piece if post is the exciting news that have surfaced from Ben and Luke's London buisness. they have been sat in admiration of an all male choir being recorded for sounds and music of the WarHouse Movie....i could blabber on and talk utter jibberish about it all day so i'll cut myself off and let the voices of Latin doom settle you into a calm but unholy wonder of thw WarHouse to come: WarHouse Rehearsal

Friday, 15 January 2010

Pannels and the Lowdown!

Finally i've had chance to get some form of progress to show to anyone out there!
recently ive been in full steam of Dream Solver, hardly a spare moment lost on the work , much to the pain of my partner in crime, but alas we all know it will be worth it in the end.
As the progress of the Novel has gone on and i have been steaming my pencil and ink to paper so much more frequently i can see myself evolving with this. hopefully honing my style and just getting an all round tighter process and a better standard of work. from going from page 1, to where ever i am right now! you can almost feel the progression. and see how how i'm adapting and growing as an artist. i think myself and Luke (writer) feel the same. after going through chapter 2 of Dream Solver you can see how Luke has begun to consider and utilize how he can manipulate the layout of the comic and story progression to tell the story better or in a more challenging way. and now i cant wait to work on that section of the book! but alas one at a time!

Finally i am nearing the end of chapter least with the actual physical drawing of the comic. then alongside the Pencil and inking of the second chapter i'll be working on the colouring of the first.
i can really see from taking on pretty much all the aspects of the comics art process why comic artists will often work in teams. but i can also See why the likes of Brian Bolland would want to have total control and have it completely their own way. hats off......And now for something completely different......
Recently ive been working on doing a post on the Dream Solver Blog. This post is a quick insight into some of the visual influences i have taken from some of my illustrative Heroes such as Chris Weston, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland to name a few, not just their influence stylistically but on the panel layout, homages i have subtly made to some of their work etc. Often when ive read through work by some of my favorite artists ive wondered what their influence has been, whether its intentional that someones work seems to represent anothers or is it sheer coincidence? so stay tuned to the Dream Solver Blog, i'm aiming for today but i tend to get carried away with things that should have been done and dusted last week or something to that effect.

the attached images to this post each have a story to tell of the Dream solver process. the first image is a rough from the panel sketches i often do before i take a pencil to the actual panel. i tend to feel more comfortable when ive freshly practiced a more finished panel before going onto the actual page. so i tend to work through innocent pieces of paper at an alarming rate for even just one panel! This panel in particular i was quite happy with the sketch and almost cut and stuck the sketch onto the actual page. This here panel below is a completed ink panel from a finished page. Ione Rose tends to have quite an uncomfortable expression well and truly engraved on her face which i always find quite fun to draw and quite often express it myself whilst drawing...i think its all part of the process of getting well and truly of the art, but i do often catch myself doing it and wonder "why?".