Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sounds of the Warhouse

Today some exciting news from WarHouse. Since the main body of WarHouse was filmed and dusted Director Luke Massey and sound Guru Mark Kendrick have locked themselves into their editing office and have been slugging away for the final cut of the film. personally i cant wait to see what theyve done with the material but i have refused myself to go down to visit them at the office because i want to sit in silence and see the final piece in all its final glory!
The past week Luke and Wirter/producer Ben Read have been dwelling in the streets if london doing their buisness with the creative types, myself and Lady Trinder had the chance to meet up with them ourselves for a qucik catch up and talk of some future work.(thats a post all in itself).
Anyway my drive behind this piece if post is the exciting news that have surfaced from Ben and Luke's London buisness. they have been sat in admiration of an all male choir being recorded for sounds and music of the WarHouse Movie....i could blabber on and talk utter jibberish about it all day so i'll cut myself off and let the voices of Latin doom settle you into a calm but unholy wonder of thw WarHouse to come: WarHouse Rehearsal