Saturday, 3 October 2009

Off To Never Never Land....

Dream Solver will be pushing itself out there and in your faces from now on...hopefully. Myslef and luke have got the Dream Solver Blog up and ready to go.
Firstly we start with our leaflets. earlier on i posted a plan for our promotional flyers and here as you should see above is the finsied piece. we printed a load of these off so we can give out some awareness of what were doing and bring attention to ourselves! so if you make it to the BICS this weekend be sure to pick one up and have our first printed work! not much i know but its all your getting just now.
The Dream solver Blog has been kicked of by Luke giving a nice little intro and qucik fire fact on the coming story lines and characters. this post has come with some new quick character sketches, they have more of the appearence of the actual comic rather than my previous photoshop sketches id shown before, i think it shows how i'm working with it and how i'm trying to get to grips with inking and colouring!
anyway enough of me. go to Blog! get some reading done and i'll have a post up of my visit to the BICS convention as soon as i get back!