Thursday, 29 October 2009

What!? ....

I know....i know.....whay isnt it up yet? why havnt you finished!?
well i say to you...if any one is questioning the whereabouts of the preview i promised. well ive been abit delayed. rest assured every waking hour is going into these babies. but my slow process and so far near constant re draw of the pannels has kept me back abit!
very soon i promise. then i can feel safe with my self and get back to the rest of the book! to be sure me and Luke have been nit picking at the preview so far and id say were feeling its looking good. as always i'm unsure about my won work but its my first go and i'm putting myself into it so i let you be the judge....stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile. took a trip last weekend to the London excel MCM convention. damn it was intense. a convention of a differernt kind to the likes of the BICS. so much cosplay madness and full of the latest games and film previews. it was fun for sure. checked out with envy at some of the comic villae stalls. goddamn ive set myself a newshpere of influence now a high standard to try and step up to for sure.
anyway back to my work!