Saturday, 14 March 2009

Early Hours

Still working like a madman. a few things on the go at once, but its all fun!
heres abit of an update. working to the early hours of the day on skethces and designs for Warhouse, by far the best thing ive worked on, the characters and ideas are so much fun to work to,
heres a working progress of the main chracter looking abit worn as the story progresses, if i hurry myself up then we can start on the storyboards........
i'm doing it!
oh also i said id talk about it my encounter with artist Justin Mortimer.
In short i had the best one on one tutorial of my work i have ad during my whole course of being a student of art. he was really easy to talk to and was full of painterly knowledge that i absorbed the best i could, made me think of my personal work on new levels, and hope for the art student afterlife!
Anyway it was a great experience, Justin invited me to his studio on monday to see his work and space and try and introduce me to my hero Phil Hale who he shares his studio with. fingers crossed.