Monday, 23 March 2009


again working with studies for my final uni work until i get my wood panels to work on, should be getting them tomorow if all goes well! if i get them i should be priming them up for the rest of the week ready for the April holidays to get working on them like a madman! really cant wait. should be a nice big empty and quiet study for 2 weeks!
with these stuies ive been working on today trying to work ith less black and more just dark shades of colours to give the figures a better fuller feel, i think colour adds more to the peice, adds more drama, also opens the interpretation up a tad. with thi one ive been working with a mix of greens and browns and adding liquin to the acrylic to it slides across the surface more smoothly and had more flow to the way you brush through and mix. the sceond study is still in progress, not too happy with the figure but its still in progress.
more to come!