Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Leap

Just got the confirmation that i'll be working on my first graphic novel, luckily the work i sent seemed appeal to the right people of the publishers!...phew!
i'll be working with a writer who goes by the name of Luke Foster on his piece titled 'Dream Solver'
we'll be being published through Insomnia Publications, they specialise in upcoming UK creators in the medium of Graphic Novels.
i'll be linking their own blog and website up in the top right.
so if all goes to plan i should be strating work on that within a few months. few things to get through! such as the tiny issue of gaining my art degree! so first things first, i had abit of a spasm when i found out about this job as it should be a great project and for me i'm filling abit of a personal goal or the start of filling it! i'll update on this when more develops. meanwhile i'll leave you with the brief of the story Insomnia have issued through their own blog:

Dream Solver by Luke Foster

When 22 year old picture researcher Ione-Rose Young has a disturbing, recurring dream about seeing her own death, she doesn’t know whether to dismiss it as just another weird dream, or worry that it’s about to come true. Unable to shake the dream from her mind, she sets out to decipher its meaning.

Luke has sent me a preview of the actual script, from what little he sent me it sounds like should be a great project!

i'll leave you with one of the pieces of work we sent off to Insomnia for a sample of my style and practice.