Monday, 6 April 2009

Its Begun!

Just a quick update, My Camera has gone loopy so vidual updates of progress is on abit of a stand still, although with some help ive managed to get some visuals of the larger practice studies i've been working with recently. luckily these have helped me realise that i needed to adjust the sizes and composition of the final pieces.
the final pieces which are a series of 6 paintings. have now begun, Primed with White lead primer and finished with a sand down. over the next four weeks i'll be working on them, should have them finished within four weeks........... hopefully.
also, had a meeting with director Luke Massey and producer Benjamin Read in london the other week. went pritty well, and since then ive been given the first draft of the Warhouse script. quite definatly some of the most exciting stuff ive worked with. cant wait to see how this works out!