Saturday, 1 March 2008


abit of a change in media. this is abit of a growing hobby of mine now. how it goes is if i find a suitably sized bust i'll take it and change the face using clay. so far because i'm such an old horror fan i've set myself to re shape the bsts i find into horror icons so far i've managed to find only two busts of the size i like. but its now worry i like the idea of it so far being a once in a while thing.
so far i've created these beasties 'big Frank' and 'Phantom' the phantom one is abit hard to work out i guess he looks alot like Orson Welles but no matter i had in mind to base him off Lon Chaney's phantom. ah well
i'm hopingto do a whole series of them all of differnt horror characters like the Wolfman, Dracula, Mr Hyde and more hopefuly some lady icons if i can find a bust. i'm keeping my eyes peeled