Monday, 9 February 2009

Up In Smoke!

heres the second of the daily paintings. really bad i think but it was fun to do. if you cant guess its abit of a nuke mushroom........but like i said it was fun to do and tried to use some different colours.
the journey continues.
Also an Update. recently gained a couple of new jobs. firstly,
still working with Mehul on on the evacuation script. hes still sending in the application work to the new DV Shorts application. so afr the script has taken on so many changes but i think from reading the latest script last night i think this should have a rally good shot at being produced further! fingers crossed but that wont be sent off for another few weeks yet.
Bernard of Iron Box films has asked me to help him with an animation for a music video. not too heabily animated but sections of still scenes would be animated and from what we talked about its going to have a nice dirty seedy Film noir feel about it!
And finaly the most recent of jobs i got was with a new director Named Luke Massey. hes done a few of his own films before. and from what ive seen dwell in the dark and dirty of cinematic! haha it should be a good experience working with him. i was sent his synopsis for the film he wants artwork for and i was really blown away by it! pritty excited to say the least!
i'm going to set up a link to his own blog in the top right links. worth a check!