Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dream Solver: Main Characters

Introducing! the main chracters of the Graphic Novel i'm currently working on with Luke Foster.
'Dream solver'
Me and Luke had a good meeting today. going through the script, panels and all that jazz! the script is made me happy to be part of this! from just the first chapter the story is alot of fun and some good old detective work in there!
currently planning layouts and scenes. keep a sharp eye some panels or sketches may be leaked on here if i'm allowed.
meanwhil i leave you with the chracter concepts of 3 of the main chracters. from left to right. Ione-Rose Young, Jacob Young, Dannielle Carter.

I will have some coverage from my 'Warhouse' Set visit. it was amazing and theres so much to tell! meanwhile check out Director Luke Massey's Blog he's got a few things up there already!