Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Warhouse: On Set ,Day 2

This update is set to day two where as i am actually going through day 6 of my being on the set.
To say the least it has been beyond great to be here. straight to work with everything. the inevitable string of delay on the first day but still....its all good. for me the highlight is to see the creatures Ben, Luke, Myself and Gayle have been trying to create for nearly a year come to life and act out how i had imagined them to act! i've seen some of my work come to life before but not first hand and nothing as impressive as this! full Kudos also undoubtedly go to the chief Seamstress of the film Lynsey for not only making the body of 'The Fallen' but for doing it under the turmoil that the film under went for a brief period! o another note of achievement and personal pride for my partner i crime, Laura shes been scribbling away at the journals featured in the film with sketches and dialog. not an easy task by far! Ben and Luke were thoroughly impressed with her work!
anyway after day 6 i am in need of a wash and then back to work!.