Saturday, 4 July 2009

Warhouse Storyboards: A Sneeky Peek

What a week. setting up for the Free Range Show in the Old Truman Brewery was harder than i thought it would be, i was able to get some extra work up inthe show but alas i had to go through a mammoth journey on the hot sticky tubes of london with 2 big paintings by my side getting in the way of all of the other passengers who where claerly already irritated enough by the heat of it all.
in the end the show went up and it turned out nicely. i had to deal with my short amount of space by altering the layout of the newer paintings but i think it worked. but i leave that judgement to the feedback i get later on....
Meanwhile behind the scenes and the inbetweens ive been hard at work planning the storyboards for warhouse and making a shopping list for going on set. i'm going down on the 9th for two weeks so i'll have abit of a photo documentary of the days working on set.
the images ive attached are some sneeky peek sketches for the Warhouse Storyboards.