Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dreamsolver: Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs!

During the trip to Warhouse ive still been working on the thumbnail layouts of the whole comic. its going swell.
Heres another. not too much but its something!
Insomnia have given us a promo on thier page with my previous glimpse at the main characters and another rough story outline so if you want to refresh on a little of the outline by all means. some awesome work on other comics being shown on there too! feels good to be part of it all. oh also Myself and Luke Foster (writer of Dream solver) will be at the BICS (Britiah International Comics show) convention this year with Insomnia and other writers and artists putting out wrok with them. promoting our works and doing some sketchings, its looking like its going to be awesome. a personal favorite of mine Sean Phillips will be there so i'm taking along some Incognito stuff to get signed.....and beg for advice!