Thursday, 24 April 2008

Human Assembly

finally Bernhard pucher's film Human Assembly has just announced that they've made a wrap of the filiming and its now gone into post production for editing and all the things that entail in that stage.
he recently posted up videos and photos of the set designers working on the main body of the set. from what you can see i think it looks amazing. very retro sci fi!
i cant wait to see the final film i'm very proud to have been part of it.
if you havnt yet, Check out the website

or try the link in the top right of my page here
it has some of my concept work for it on there and the videos of the propmaking and set building are there in the diary section.

big thanks out to Bernhard for the job on this hope to work more with him in the future!

p.s tell anyone and everyone about the film!