Sunday, 25 May 2008

Its been a While

Wow its been a good while since i last posted. in the time since my last post a lot has happened.
finished my Assement for my 2nd year at Fine art. and i have my tutorial feedback for that on friday. i think i pulled off some fair decent stuff for that. typicaly i managed to find a comfortable area to work in just as the year closes up but i supose the anser to that is to keep at it in my own time.
also lately ive just been given a new storyboard job from Bernhard. i had a meeting with him on friday morning where we threw some ideas around and brain stormed. he has an amazing wonderous mind haha. constantly full of beans!
also whilst i was at his studios he showed me the rough cut of Human Assembly. its looking nice. i cant wait to see the final film. very proud!
also startied thinking and doodleing work for an exhibition thats been brainstormed by some of my fellow art students. its an amzing idea cooked up by my housemate dom and my friend Laura, (Note* ive just linked laura's own work page in the top right) were going to ut on an exhibition sometime next year that runs around the theme of robots. anything goes really but it has to relate to robots in some form. hopefully were going to involve some of our friends from special FX and applied arts. some good ideas being kicked around. cant wait to see how this turns out.
And also my mind has been wondering into the realms of my future.....dun dun dunnnn!
i'm thinking of starting to work on my comic drawings and try and pull togethre a portfolio of work taht i'll work on from now on till the end of nexty year and then send off to companys to try and get something through there. fingers crossed. it is a long shot i guess but its worth a try and i've always wanted to give it a go.
anyway meanwhile i'll leave you with some pics of my final show for this year. enjoy!