Saturday, 15 November 2008

Evacuation: almost finals.

finaly ive had chance to upolad these onto my blog. this heres is the finals of the Script i was given by Mehul Desai.
some great work. my only regret is my management of time. i had some great ideas and to me the ideas i had where nicer looking in my head! plus there was so much more i wanted to do but with uni work, dissertation and this on at the same time so i was abit stuck. i think i'll re do the work for portfolio purposes. and send MEhul some of the pieces i didnt manage to flesh out.

as you can see from the work some pieces wernt finished or didnt look too write. but all in all i loved working on this. Mehul has some great ideas that wehere great fun to flesh out.
as you'l see as well we had some drastic changes in the design for the alien. my idea was to make him quite stocky and clumbsy looking. but mehul wanted him quite lanky and tall. which was the final idea. i think its great to see two peoples different take on the one idea!