Tuesday, 4 December 2007

On The Road Again

Well figurativy speaking. but finnaly getting over some horrible illness that beat me donw and handed in my essay so i'm feeling whirred up for getting back on track with my drawing and painting.
so far at the moment i got one project that i'm working on for uni that involves real drawing.
we've been allocated a big constrcution wall thats been placed on the campus. the aim is that we compete with each other and aim to be the one person out of 40 to be picked for the job of workig on the wall. we have to put forward all types of information and advertisement proposals and ideas etc.
so here you go heres a glimps at mine.
i've put it together properly but not happy with t yet so i'll post up the final one when thats done mean while this is a segment of the whole thing.
its alot to do with Darwin.