Saturday, 16 February 2008

Dr Sketchy Valentines

Well today i went to the Valentines special of the Doctor sketchy class in London. if your abit unfamiliar with this its a Life drawing class that happens once a month around London. its an amazing experience nothing lie typcal class youd undertake in an actual night class or lesson in school or something similar. it takes place in a bar. everyones is welcome wether your a pcasso or someone looking for a laugh but either way you leave feeling good and with abit more confidence in your drawing abilities. obviously one of the things that drew me and other people alike to this class is the models used. they are burlesque models. amzingly beautiful and stunning women. and they know how to pose and show a figure so with all that thrown into the mix its a starnge but comfortable situation. (a few drinks helps too).
anyway Thefirst time i went i ended up being there on my own so it was a tad bit nerving for a little bit. This time it was all alot easire as id managed to bring along some fellwo keen art students and knew some people there now as well.
The model this time was really stunning. more of my type than the last. she was a goodlaugh she came out at the begining with a strip dance bursting heart ballons filled with blood over her chest and cutting off her cupid wings. it was brilliant making a few of the guys in the crowd on led scribblers sweat before the drawing time limits had been set.
then after that it was straight in to the drawing we where set the challneges of drawing 1 minute sketches with our unfamiliar hands, purely by memory and without looking at the page or model. all these thinsg to loosen up our joints i guess and make people feel like it wasnt worth stressing over which is good. then they led onto longer sessions of drawing some from 5 minutes to 10 minutes these where usualy suggested to have a theme of the model doing an action or in a situtation. these are prity fun and challenging to do because its takes abit of time it to think of what to do , how to place the model and all that jazz especialy when its just thrown at you and you have a blank mind. so it got the noodle cooking on high gas. this isnt to say that its compuslory to work to the suggested these and way of drawing . you can do whatever you want . say sit and draw one piece or work in you own time. its all about being loose this class.
Then the final drwing is a 15 min sit . this is alot more relaxed. its the end of the day. your loose and you feel comfortable and familiar with the model and her features.
An added bonus to this is that between most round of drawing there is a prize given by the Host of the session as it was Valentines they where all abit say kinky and crude prizes like fireman outfits and maid out fits and love orbs......ahem
unfortuantly for me i was up against some stiff competion for a prize in a round and i didnt manage to get a prize but it was cool. some people really did some awesome drawings you could tell the full timers from the part timers but everyone was having fun.
really looking forward to the next one.