Friday, 1 February 2008

Gerald Session

In my uni We have by far one of the most amzing Life models in the world. Gerald is this amazing Man he used to be in the military so he has an amazing tolerance for standing still and even in some of the most uncomfortable situations. he was also apparently a porn star in his younger days but to pass him in the strret you'd definatly look twice at him, his daily wear is womens cloths and bright womens cloths at that. and hes been known to ride his military bike with side cart and machine gun with a skirt and no underwear.
but hes the nicest guy and does alot for the students if ever needed.

he collects military cloths and ornaments. he hasquite a wardrobe. i managed to get a photo session with him in his loverly SS uniform. we had a good laugh as he posed holding a luger and a whiping stick. i'm planning on doing some sketches and paintings from what i got. but the expeirnece it self is definatly something to remember. anyway heres a quick sketch i did from one of the photos on a sleepless night at 5am